Monday, February 25, 2008

How a house becomes a home.

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In the past 8 years I have moved seven times. Seven. I guess I was restless. I started with my first ever apartment in Bedford Hills NY with who would end up my fiancee` at the time. Then to White Plains, NY then to a house that we bought together after getting married. Sadly, divorce split us up and I moved again to a new apartment--a tiny studio back in Bedford. And then back to the house in Carmel while waiting to sell it. And then back to a third apartment in Bedford. And My home.

I didn't realize how unsettled I had become and how much of an emotional toll that kind of wandering took on me. With so much moving I didn't amass many possessions. I didn't like holding onto anything for too long because I knew what a strain it would be to pack it up.

But now I feel settled. And in my new home where I've lived for two years I have a few items that have travelled with me from the beginning. Like this little sideboard. My mom found it at a tag sale, much worse for the wear. She brought it home and she and my dad worked to refinish it, strip and polish the hardwear and give it a fresh coat of paint inside and out. I think it may have cost $10.

It is one of my favorite things.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Jacked-up Shruti
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Remember Shruti? Well, I kind of miss him, so I immortalized him in felt! Or, I guess I should say I ATTEMPTED to immortalize him. I've never tried needlefelting, but there are so many beautiful examples of it on Etsy, like this, this or this. Woolpets sells ready made kits with everything you need to make your own little pet. I broke two needles making Shruti. I definitely need practice, but this is definitely a fun, meditative craft. I'll keep you posted on my progress

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A loyal customer indeed--what better promotion than this?

This is baby Bruno, the brand new, second son of my friend and fellow Etsian Michelle of CicadaStudio. Michelle is into the signs of the zodiac and since Bruno is a Leo, he needed this.

Look at those sweet, chunky arms! Don't you just want to squish him right up?

Thanks for making a cute baby to wear Mew goods, Michelle!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shruti the tiny dinosaur

Shruti the tiny dinosaur
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I found this guy while I was out walking...his shell was dry dry dry with a crusty layer of dirt. There was no water in sight. He was hardly any bigger than a quarter. I can't resist a tiny thing, so I picked the little feller up and carried him home...he tried to scramble a few times, but I promised him a strawberry if he behaved.

He's a baby snapping turtle--someday soon he'll be a giant meanie who might bite your foot off if he's hungry. I put him in a bucket with a touch of water and Dino and I drove him off to the wetlands preserve to give him a new home. I have no interest in keeping a turtle for a pet--especially one that will grow into a beastly dragon in a while!

Soon as we put him in the water he was getting along just "swimmingly". I named him Shruti--and I've been thinking about him all day. I hope I did the right thing.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

You should have a holiday party...

Holiday Party
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Ask Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray for some easy hors d'oevres recipes, hang a few paper pom poms from the ceiling, and have a few cocktails before the guests arrive to keep your stress level at a minimum.

Oh, and use these invitations. Please don't send an e-vite. I will do all the work for you--you just have to seal the envelopes. Can you handle that? Trust me, it's better for both of us this way.

; )

Monday, August 27, 2007

Home Improvements

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Yeah, so you know HGTV? They're full of crap. It's nearly, it IS impossible to complete any home improvement projects in two days or less. This heft project took us three full working weekends.

The kitchen was a horrendous shade of pickled wood before a nasty pinkish tone. So in phase 1 of renovations we've painted and "distressed" the cabinets to give them that sassy Shabby Chic look.

As we were taking the doors off initially I mentioned, in passing, that it might be insightful of us to mark which doors came from where. But Dino, in his omnipotent confidence found that extranneous. Welllll...such lack of planning led to approximately 394 attempts at rehanging the doors in the right place. I'm no contractor, but once in a while I get a good idea.

Well, the hard part is over and now we have cabinets that we're too nervous about ruining to actually use. The Fantastic bottle is getting a lot of use as i go about chasing finger prints on the doors!

I'll keep you posted as phases 2 (a granite countertop later this month) and 3 (a pressed tin backsplash) progress.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Mew for Kittens
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Oh the Gocco! Oh, oh, oh the Gocco! What fun I had. Thanks to my dear friend Heatherjeany over at Etsy (who's having a kitten of her own soon!) I got the hang of this little device and had a lot of fun playing. I did waste three white onesies trying to get things just so. I really like the way the blue looks on the turquoise top. Have babies, and then make them wear these.